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Our goal is to provide an expert cleaning service that you can trust.

We take care of cleaning so that our clients can focus on their core competencies, be that running a hotel, managing rentals, a business or a busy domestic household. Our team works with private homeowners, landlords, hospitals, schools, business centres, childcare centres, gyms, offices as well as commercial, retail and recreational spaces.

JL Cleaning is the sister company of JL Properties, a short let company specialising in the provision of quality accommodation to language schools and foreign students coming to Malta for internships.

Soon after we started JL Properties, we realised cleaning services available locally were either too expensive or did not guarantee good quality.

“We deliver both excellent service and a lower price tag”

With this in mind, we decided to find out if we can deliver both excellent service and a lower price tag, so we ran the numbers, developed a system and it turned out we could. We built JL Cleaning up with one objective: to give both our clients and our team the best we can offer.

As property managers and business owners, we had an intimate knowledge of what different kinds of business expect from their cleaning staff, what issues they face, and what kind of accomodations they require. By applying this knowledge to the then-budding JL Cleaning, we successfully engineered a system that customers can trust and depend on.
Thanks to our strategic approach, the majority of businesses who choose to outsource their cleaning to us are able to half or drastically reduce their costs of cleaning and upkeep. As a company, we have developed a dedicated system to guarantee that our operations are always timely, monitored and highly-organised. Moreover, we have curated a team of expert cleaning staff who receive regular training in order to ensure we can get more done in less time.

Everyone at JL Cleaning routinely receives personalised training in customer care, hygiene and cleaning methods. We also equip our team with the latest, most innovative green technologies in the industry.

Thanks to these investments, our reputation has been spotless.

Our services range from daily cleaning, window cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning, floor polishing, one-off cleaning to a high level and external cleaning. To find out more about range of dedicated services, click here

A vetted, highly-trained workforce

Our highly trained workforce is fully conversant with relevant health and safety issues, as well as environmental concerns. In addition, all our staff are thoroughly vetted for prior good conduct and are aware of security issues, data sensitivity and can comply with any security restrictions placed on them by your organisation.

We understand the importance of corporate image and all our staff are smartly attired in official uniforms, as well as being issued with identity cards for ease of recognition.

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